Calculation History:

Scientific Calculator

Calculateio is a great online scientific calculator. It is a full-featured advanced math calculator that includes logarithms, percentages and trigonometric functions. With memory functions, history and brackets, this free and simple online calculator will be a handy tool for you.

How to work with a scientific calculator

  • AC = All Clear
  • mc = Memory Clear
  • m+ = Memory Plus
  • m- = Memory Minus
  • mr = Memory Recall
  • CE = Clear Entry
  • √x = Square Root
  • ex = exponent, raise e to the power x
  • 1/x or x−1 = A multiplicative inverse or reciprocal for a number x
  • = Square
  • () = Parentheses, instructs calculator to do this operation first
  • yx or xy = y raised to the power x or x raised to the y
  • y√x = parent function of a square root function is y = √x
  • tan-1 = The inverse of tangent is denoted as Arctangent or on a calculator it will appear as atan or tan-1
  • cos-1 = Is called acos or arccos
  • sin-1 = Inverse sine function or Sin-1 takes the ratio, Opposite Side / Hypotenuse Side and produces angle θ. It is also written as arcsin
  • ln = Log function is Ln(x) = Log(x)/Log(e)
  • Rad = Radians
  • Deg = Degrees
  • e = E (or e) stands for exponent of 10
  • RND = Gives a random number in (0,1)
  • EXP = Stands for exponent(Click the Exp button which you will find in the left half of the calculator keyboard)
  • ± = Both plus and minus operations